Flyability Elios





For use in confined spaces and hazardous environments, Elios is capable of HD and infrared (FLIR) imaging.

DJI Matrice 600

Capable of carrying a variety of sensors or payloads, the M600 is ideally suited to industrial inspection, mapping and survey, P2P delivery, Search and Rescue, and boasts an impressive payload capacity of 6kg.

DJI Inspire2




With the speed and performance to capture the most challenging subjects, and with its advanced optical features that capture stunning images and video in astounding detail, the Inspire series of drones has revolutionized the art of cinematography.

DJI Phantom4 Pro





Used at OverDrone for advanced flight training, commercial and light industrial applications, the Phantom 4Pro is very capable and comes equipped with 20mp camera, obstacle avoidance and is capable of 4k video. 

DJI Phantom3 Pro





While OverDrone no longer uses the Phantom 3Pro for commercial applications, it is a reliable system that we use in our Advanced Flight Training program that offers a great introduction to First Person View (FPV) flight and the 'intelligent' features available on many recreational drones today. 

DJI Phantom2





As an introduction to UAV flight, our beginner pilots are taught to master the controls of a basic UAV system. The Phantom 2 is not used in commercial applications at OverDrone, but is used by students in our Basic Flight Training program as an introduction to the basic fundamentals of flight control.